There is no substitute for experience and a proven track record. That's what's on offer from Britannia, why not read our testimonials?

If you're looking for a professional commercial cleaning
provider who offer quality service at competetive rates, you are in the right place.


From head offices of large national companies to small units Britannia has the work force to fulfil all cleaning requirements. All staff attend site fully uniformed with extensive training in health and safety, alarm and lock up procedures. Vigorous security checks are carried out on all personnel, the safety of Britannia's staff and customers are priority.

Experience in the industry has gained Britannia the knowledge that close support of staff by on site supervisors and area managers are vital in the smooth running of cleaning operations. All management teams are easily contactable and dedicated to quickly solving any issues with minmum fuss, regularly completing quality checks to ensure cleaning is to the agreed specifaction.





Over the last 5 years Britannia has invested significant effort in identifying greener chemicals, paper products and Janitorial supplies as well as rethinking
procedures, engaging with occupants and more. A combined package of services, methods and products that bring together facility cleaning, recycling and waste management whilst reducing the Environmental footprint.

5 examples of how this can be achieved:

 Sorting waste into recyclable material at source.

  • Vastly reducing the use of polythene and plastic bags for waste disposal.

  • Reducing the use of harsh chemicals through the use of periodic steam cleaning of hard surfaces.

  • The total elimination of ozone depleting areosol products.

  • Using paper products that are from renewable sources.

More information on Staying Green with Britannia is available to download. Green Package.doc