Here are a list of services Britannia provides to external building areas.

 Waste Management

Britannia arranges installation and weekly collection of bins, taking care of transfer notes and paper work leaving you with a hassle free recycling program. Using Britannia for this services removes the complexity of having multiple suppliers.


Grounds Maintenance

Impressions count, it's as important to have the exterior of your  acilities looking as groomed and presentable as the interior. As a business, well kept gardens and grounds speak volumes about how efficient your company is so don't hesitate to get in contact. Specialist lawn care, weed control, hard and soft landscaping, planting schemes and designs are only a few services offered under this bracket.



Litter Picking 

Litter picking comes as standard in the majority of Britannia's Grounds Maintenance packages, however in the instance where there is little or no garden area we offer litter picking as a single service.




Car Park Maintenance 

Car Park Maintenance is again standard with the majority of Britannia's Grounds Maintenance packages, however not all sites require gardening but a high percentage will have a car park. For the safety of employees and people visiting your business premises it's important that they are able to safely maneuver around the car park. With leaf blowing equipment and extracting tools this can be achieved quickly and effectively.

External cleaning

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