Britannia uses modern methods of Window Cleaning with the latest Reach & Wash systems fitted to all vehicles.

What is Reach & Wash?

Like most great ideas, the Reach & Wash system is really quite simple. A soft-bristled brush cleans the window, while at the same time jets of ultra-pure water rinse the glass. Because the water is so pure, it dries naturally without leaving any spots or smears behind. And with a reach to clean up to 80ft high, previously inaccessible windows are easily cleaned whilst maintaining privacy and reducing disruption.

Better Results window cleaning horsham

  • Frames are cleaned at the same time as glass
  • Ultra-pure water produced by the system gives cleaning results second to none
  • The absence of detergent means no sticky residues are left, therefore windows do not soil as quickly; windows stay cleaner... longer!

Safety window cleaning horsham

  • The Reach & Wash systems is fully compliant with all current H&S regulations
  • Ladders and high access equipment are eliminated
  • Accidents simply can't happen

Environmentally Sound window cleaning horsham

  • No harsh chemicals- only ultra pure water
  • Recycled water












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